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Beating the croupier is always enjoyable! But it's even better when you can try your luck and train your skills with our free games... Discover below our selection of Blackjack games and play as many times as you want on your mobile or computer!

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You can now find free blackjack games on CasinosAvenue.

Whether you are on your mobile phone or computer (Mac, Linus or Windows), you will have the possibility to challenge the croupier during free rounds 24/7 and with no gaming chips limits.

Indeed, when you run out of chips, you will just need to refresh your page in your browser!

Moreover, no need to download a software to play, no downloading, no subscription to do, it’s all pleasure!

This will allow the beginners to discover how to play blackjack when advanced players can master their strategies.


How to Play & Win


Free Blackjack games


Thanks to those flash games, it is very simple to play for free with no compensation.

From any places (house, work, travel), you will have all the time to play Blackjack (or Black Jack) with no compensation.

No credit card or banking information will be asked, not even your identity. It is simply a way to entertain the users of the platform!


Paying Blackjack games


Like with Slots or Roulette, if the current legislation of your country allows it, you will have the possibility to bet real money by consulting the list of partner casinos located under the games.

Then, you can challenge the croupier by staying where you are while trying to win the jackpot.

For understandable reasons, you must create an account and send compulsory documents to valid it .

Don’t hesitate to consult the bonuses suggested that could be incredible!


The different types


As almost every game, several variants await you to vary the pleasures.

Like in a real casino with Blackjack nearby, you can play to « Switch » (two hands in your possession), « Single Deck » (one deck of cards) or eve the « American » and « European » versions.

To understand each characteristic, don’t hesitate to read each description that will be given on the game pages.


How play to Blackjack




At the beginning of a round, each player on the table receives two cards and can get other cards as much as he wants. He always plays against the croupiers, who represents « the bank ».

The goal is to win by having a bigger score than the bank without exceeding the number 21 in order to not « jump », or if he « jumps » and you don’t.

The croupier generally plays according to a simple rule, he takes a new card up to 16 and stops at 17.


The Game


The players put their bets in their squares.

The croupiers gives 2 cards to each player and to him. The second card that he gives is face down.

From right to left, the croupier suggests to each player if he wants to receive another card or stop. If a player exceeds 21, he is out and loses his bet.

When all the players have played, the croupier shows his card face down and takes another card until he reaches 17 or more. If he exceeds 21, he is out and all the players that haven’t jumped double their bets.

If the croupier arrives between 17 and 21, the winner is the one closer to 21 according to their scores.

In case of ties, the player takes back his bet. A « Blackjack » in two card with an ace and a head is higher than any total of 21. If a player and a croupier both make a Blackjack, there is a tie.

Learn basic rules of Blackjack by clicking on our infography below!

Blackjack RULES EN.jpg


Basic strategy chart of online Blackjack


A strategy can be applied to online blackjack as in real according the situation. If you have this or this card, it is better to stay, double or stop…and so on.

We suggest it to you, in infographics, entirely free on our blog in the category « Blackjack ».

Discover the different basic strategies of Blackjack by clicking on our infography below!

Blackjack EN.jpg 



To win big like Don Johnson, you need to know that the more deck of cards is used, more the casino’s advantage is high.

You will understand that if you have the choice, you will need to choose the table with the smallest amount of cards!

You need to be careful to the management of your budget, and try to respect the fact that your bet represents only 5% of your bankroll.


The Game




There is nothing more simple than a table of American blackjack.

Indeed, it is composed by a square for each payer sitting in front of the croupier, and nothing more!

 Tapis Blackblack (Copier).jpg     Classic Table of Blackjack

Odds of Blackjack


Several probabilities can be given to you as the values of the croupier’s hands, the final value of the croupier’s hand, the probability to « burn » together or even the probability that the croupier jumps.

However, it depends of the number of the deck of cards that this round of Blackjack.

You need to know it after having been aware of it.


Betting strategy


In addition to your initial bet, other bets are possible according to the cards distributed.

- Double: When you have received your cards, you can choose to double your bet initial but in compensation, you will receive only one card.

- Split: If you have a pair, and only in this case, the croupier, on your demand, will split your cards in two distinct hands and you will have to bet a second time on the additional game.

- Insurance:  If the first card of the croupier is an ace, the player can decide to pay the half of his initial bet to be repay if the croupier makes a « Blackjack ». If it is not the case, the insurance will be lost.

- Surrender: In case of unfavorable situation, the player can decide to abandon after the deal. In this case, he gets the half of his initial bet.