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The video poker machines will suit all lovers of slot machines and poker. This tasty mix of genres requires knowledge and strategy in order to reduce the house edge. Jack's or Better, Deuces Wild or Joker Poker? Discover all types of Video Poker with all the games listed below!

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Deuces Wild

The Video Poker is the perfect compromise for the poker players and machine slot enthusiasts, who want to spend a nice moment on an electronic machine.

That is why you give you the opportunity to entertain yourself on those free machines in flash version. All of it from your Android or iOS phone and computer.

You don’t need to download a software to subscribe to play. It will facilitate your access and most of all prevent you from a waste of time!


Play Online Video Poker


Free Flash Games


After having selected your video poker game among the list suggested, you just need to bet credits ou virtual chips that are distributed!

Don’t worry, if you lost all your credits quickly, simply refresh your browser and you will have some extras!


Games in real money


You think you have enough ability and the desire to play with your own money? Then you can subscribe on the website of our online casino partners suggested below the games. Nice bonuses are waiting for you when you subscribe!

If you prefer real casinos and you need to challenge a pure video poker machine, note that we help you to localize all the casinos around you that suggest it!

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When you press the button, you get 5 cards.

VP 1er.jpg     First Draw

After this first draw of 5 cards, you will have to select the ones that suit you and those that don’t suit you (you can change all of them if you want to).

VD2e.jpg   Selection of the two Kings

Then, when you have confirmed the cards you’ll keep, a second draw is made and you will get your final combinaison.

VD 3e.jpg   Final Draw and Winnings


How to win at video poker slot machines


As many types of games, you will find an impressive number of variants. Three are mainly played around the world: the Jack’s or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

All of them are played according the principle of the Stud Poker with 5 cards, with the usual combinaison of the Texas Hold’em.


Jack’s or Better


It is maybe the most common but it is also the easier to play. If you you want to discover the online video poker, it is the perfect video poker slot machine. Moreover, it is free!

You will win a hand and credits when you will obtain at least a pair of jack, as its name sounds.

jacksor (Copier).jpg     Pair of Jack's!




Joker Poker


The Joker Poker is widely used in Europe and you will easily find some in the real casinos.

It is largely inspired by the Jack’s or Better except for a fact that makes all the difference: you won’t play with a deck of 52 cards but 53 cards, thanks to an extra Joker!

At the Joker Poker, you won’t win with just a pair of jack anymore but at least wth a pair of King.

JOPO (Copier).jpg  of a Kind thx to the Joker!




Deuces Wild


The Deuces Wild is for the advanced players because if also it use the basis of Jack’s or Better video poker, the four « 2 » of the deck of cards are transformed in Joker!

By that, you need to understand that when you obtain one or several 2 on your machine, you can replace it by the card you want in order to obtain the best combinaison possible.

You will be asked here to obtain a least a three of a kind to win something!

deuces copier.jpg Straight thx to the 2 Deuces!




Other Variants


Other variants are sometimes available, usually based on the Jack’s or Better but with different gains and bets, as the Aces & Faces, the All American, the Tens or Better or the Wild Sevens.


Video Poker Strategy


The card to keep / to get


Two strategies called « basics » can guide you on the cards to keep / to get according what you have obtained during the first draw.

Each situation is unique and each decision should be taken following those two strategies.




According the game you play at, the probabilities to obtain a two, pairs, a three of a kind, a four or even a flush are different.




Bet always the maximum possible on the machines. In general, a jackpot is to win in case of Royal Flush if you play big!

If this maximum is equal to a too high amount for you, find one where the maximum bet are smaller.