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Welcome to the "Lucky Lucky" Blackjack variant!


This add-on, very fun, will reward the combinations of cards formed by your first two cards and the ones of the croupier’s face down. It is a total coincidence.


Below, find out how much you will earn depending on the combination:


- 19 = Bet X2

- 20 Bet X2

- 21 Bet X3

- 21 run = Bet X15

- 6-7-8 = Bet X25

-7-7-7 = Bet X50

-6-7-8 run = Bet X100

- 7-7-7 run = Bet X200


For your information, this bet is independent and you can of course refuse it.


To start the traditional game, please put the desired tokens in the appropriate squares and press "Deal".


If you have placed a bet on the « Lucky ducky , you’ll have your gains directly when the cards are distributed!