FREE ONLINE GAME "Buster Blackjack"

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This free blackjack online offers you the variant "Buster Blackjack".


So, if you choose to place chips on this additional bet and the Dealer "jumps", it's all for you!


The redistribution of your winning depends on the number of cards the croupier has used before jumping:


- 3 or 4 cards (X2 bet)

- 5 cards (X4 bet)

- 6 cards (X6 bet)

- 7 cards (X50 bet)

- 8 cards and more (X250 bet)

- 7 cards if you have Blackjack

- 8 cards and more if you have Blackjack (bet X2000).


To try, you must first bet in the traditional "Ante" square.


So, ready to blow up the bank?