FREE ONLINE GAME "6 In 1 Blackjack"

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This free Blackjack game offers you 6 additional bets to win even more chips.


Thus, before the start of a traditional game and after having previously bet to receive your hand, you will be able to bet on:


- "Perfect Pair": you will win if your first two cards constitute a pair (the winnings vary according to whether this pair is mixed, followed or perfect)


- "21 + 3": you will win if both your cards and the croupier’s first card form A flush, a run, a triple, a straight flush or even a three of a Kind run.


- "Lucky Ladies": you will win if you have queens in your hands. The jackpot will be distributed in case of double Queen of hearts.


- "Suit'em Up": will be rewarded here all hands followed.


- "Lucky Lucky": from the score of 19, you win!


- "Buster Blackjack": win when the croupier jumps. Depending on the number of cards and combinations, your profits increase.


Risky, these additional bets will largely reward you if they pass!