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With these flash versions of the Free Roulette online, you will have plenty of time to have fun without counting. English, American or French, it's up to you. Red or black? Single number or Cheval? Invent your own strategy!

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Run the small ball on CasinosAvenue is now possible. With several free Roulette games, you will have the pleasure to discover the different roulettes and have fun at any time of the day.

Whether you're at home or on travel, these Roulette flash games are available on computer or mobile.

The principle of those flash games is more friendly because it does not require players to register, download software or applications and buy credits.

Moreover, the free credits are unlimited!

Play Online Roulette

Free Roulette games

When you arrived on the page, you could have seen that several online roulette games were suggested.

You just need to simply select the one that suits you best and bet your chips.

You will have a number of it depending on the manufacturer, but anyway, you can reload as many times as you like by refreshing your browser page!

Paying games

If you want to play real money at Roulette, note that there are two options available for you: playing at an online casino, if permitted in your country's legislation, or playing in real casino, by consulting our website.

For the first option, note that we have partnerships with online casinos that will offer you significant bonuses.

You can access it directly by clicking on the tables below the games.

For the second option, you can locate all nearby establishments by clicking on « Play at the casino! » or by clicking on  « Near me ».

The different Roulette games

English Roulette or European Roulette

Called in two different ways depending on the country where you are, this roulette game is the most widespread in the world.

The cylinder is equipped with numbers ranging from 0 to 36 with bets really easy to make.

Red / black, even / odd, simple numbers, cheval ... are just some of the many possibilities.

American Roulette

You will find only one difference between the American roulette and the European roulette, the addition of a zero to bring their number to two instead of just one.

However, this very small difference has a major impact on your winning probabilities and payouts to players.

It was invented in the United States to give a bigger advantage to the house. If you have the choice, go cleary on the European roulette!

The French Roulette

It is in all points identical to the English and the European roulette in terms of composition but has a separate case: "putting in prison", when the zero falls and you have played simple chances.

This putting in jail is a kind of "deal" to make with the croupier.

Either you share your losses with him, at 50/50, or you try to re-roll the roulette in order to take back all your chips if your numbers fall.

Rules, tips and betting strategy

The Game

With the help of your virtual or real tokens, you have an indefinite time to place your bets wherever you want.

Then you can roll the Roulette wheel whenever the moment is great for you.

Once the ball is stopped, the dealer marks the winning number, recovers the lost bets and pays the winners.

The Green Baize

While you may find it a bit complicated at first, the roulette green baize online or live is quite simple and understandable.

It is composed, according to the type of Roulette, of numbers ranging from 0 to 36, divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers. The zero being placed at the top, in a separate square.

18 numbers are red and 18 numbers are black.

The boxes « Passe » and « Manque » constitute bets on numbers going from 0 to 18 and from 19 to 36, the boxes "Even" and "Odd" naturally on even and odd numbers. The same goes for "Red" and " Black " for colors. You also have the option of betting on the columns that will give you one chance out of three.


For information, here are the probabilities of winnings associated with each box or bet possible:

En Plein


35 X the bet



17 X the bet



11 X the bet



8 X the bet

Four premiers


8 X the bet



5 X the bet

Column BEt


2 X the bet

Dozen Bet


2 X the bet

Colonne à cheval


½ X the bet

Douzaine à cheval


½ X the bet



1 X the bet

Even/Odd number


1 X the bet



1 X the bet



1 X the bet



As said earlier, it is preferable to choose the English or European roulette that suggest a higher payout to players.

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