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The EGT’s slot machines arrive at the Sun Casino and the Café de Paris of Monaco!

In order to diversify their offers and modernize their venues, two of the biggest casinos in Monaco have just got new slot machines from Euro Games Technology (EGT). The Café de Paris Casino and the Sun Casino are being tren…

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The JOA Group becomes Partner with CasinosAvenue

Now on CasinoAvenue, you will have access to all the offers of the 22 casinos of the third French Casino Group. The JOA Group, which is very active and modern, proposes offers and services more and more attractive. Continuou…

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The bingo is arriving at the Lyon Vert Casino, February 6th!

'The event that makes euros', this is with this slogan that the Partouche Group introduce this game that gather thousands of players throughout France. This time, the Bingo is held in Lyon. Possessing more than 350 slot mach…

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The Exclusive « Winter » Offer from Barrière will Warm you Up!

It’s winter, it’s cold and you want to free your mind during a long weekend? To allow this to happen, enjoy a luxurious stay with all the necessary comfort at an attractive price in the Barrière Group’s hotels. Indeed, an ex…

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Win your package for the Barrière Poker Tour of Bordeaux thanks to Campok!

Small revolution in the french world of online poker games. Early this year, the Barrière Group has announced a partnership with Campok, a social online poker platform. If you don’t know about Campok, you will quickly unders…

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The “Outdoor” Partouche Casino of La Ciotat: coming soon!

Worldwide premiere, in spring 2017, the new casino of La Ciotat will be the very first one outdoor casino! Enjoying nice weather while playing table games and slot machines will be possible soon. The casino breaks new ground…

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CasinosAvenue's evolutions!

In order to make our platform more attractive and easier for you to use, lots of changes have been made lately. The search bar allows you now, to filter by types of offers and types of games. Hence, for instance, if you live…

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The Partouche Group Becomes Partner with CasinosAvenue

For sure you noticed them on the website since several weeks but we wanted to have them all to announce the good news. And it is with an open pleasure that we present you our partnership with the Partouche Group! Partouche i…

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Video Poker Strategy: The Jack's or Better

By entering the casinos around forty years ago, the Video Poker's inventors were wise. A huge client base quickly enjoyed this game, thanks to 4 main reasons: -Whereas the slot machines, players’ competencies are important. …

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How To Play Slot Machines: The Guide

Whereas table games require some knowledge, nothing is as easy as playing at a slot machine game in a casino. Also called “Fruit Machines” in the United-Kingdom or “Pokies” in Australia, their simplicity, accessibility as we…

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The Atlantic City’s “Polercoaster” is Coming Soon!

Besides it several casinos, it is going to be possible to thrill even more in Atlantic City. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority gave its approval for the “Polercoaster” construction, a 350-foot vertical roller coa…

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$1,4 Billion To Win with the Powerball Lottery, Never Seen Before!

The Powerball lottery reached an amount never seen yet. Not less than $1,4b dollars have to be win this Wednesday 13th January, at 11pm ET! No players found the right combination (5 numbers + Powerball number) last Saturday,…

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Opening of the Seyne-Sur-Mer’s definitive casino, the JOA group wants to make a big impression

More than just a simple gambling casino, the newest casino la Seyne-Sur-Mer, opened the 7th of January, wants to be a real entertainment venue. Clearly, the group aim to change public’s opinion about casinos. If we are refer…

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