In the big pool of so many online gambling platforms, it is difficult to know which applications are legitimate and which are fraudulent.

Exciting offers don't make it any easier for the users either. This is where online casinos like Play Alberta, that are controlled by Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC), make a big difference. But what exactly does that mean for the players?

Provincial regulations

This is actually a boon for players trying a hand at lottery in Alberta, who are skeptical of the offline market in Canada that basically lacks all and any kind of regulation. The online gambling site of Play Alberta will be regulated separately by the provinces themselves, so the regulations might vary from province to province. Therefore, players from Alberta will have to get a good grip on the regulations posed on them.

Revenue utilization

It should be noted that Play Alberta is essentially based in Alberta and therefore, the funds that are generated by this online casino will be directly transferred to the general revenue fund of the Government.

This is bound to positively impact the residents of Alberta, since this money will be used to introduce various provincial programs, initiatives, and services that will benefit the residents of Alberta itself.

So, people of Alberta might actually be doing good for themselves indirectly by resorting to online gambling on Play Alberta.

This is because the money that is being generated in Alberta will not be able to get outside Alberta, and will lead to the welfare of the people itself.


Since this online gambling site has been regulated by the government, players will no longer have to worry about taking irresponsible decisions when it comes to putting money into gambling.

For instance, Play Alberta has been incorporated with interfaces like Gamesense, which helps the players have a detailed analysis of the limit that they can't cross while putting in money for a game.

This not only makes Play Alberta a safe site to gamble in but also safe and reliable, since it alerts the players whenever they are thinking of irresponsibly investing money.

Not only this, AGLC has made sure that the safety of online gambling is maintained by introducing a very strict and rigid procedure for verifying the age of the players.

Only individuals above the age of 18 are eligible to play, and the procedure of age verification makes sure to eliminate any detected cases of underage gambling. Thus, despite being an online platform, it has made sure to maintain the strictness of the age factor.

Clear terms and conditions

In order to make sure that the players have a clear idea of what they are signing up, Play Alberta makes the players read a detailed contract of the terms and conditions that come into play as soon as they start gambling online.

The players also have to sign an agreement saying that they have fully comprehended the terms and conditions.

This agreement would also include a clause where the players affirm that they are 18 years of age and that no amount of money has been put into buying any games under Play Alberta for the time period the players were situated outside of Alberta.

Player registration

Another feature that would ensure the safety of the players is the rule that no unregistered player would be able to participate in online gambling.

Registering requires very crucial details about the individual and thus, there is no scope of you being cheated out of your money.

It’s like trading in the stock market where the new traders have to register themselves, set up an account, and only then they are allowed to trade.

No random player can participate in these casino games, and your personal data are transmitted through extremely secure and encrypted https channels which make sure that your personal information does not get leaked in any way.


Wrapping up, the best thing for a player on the Play Alberta site is that you will have the ability to report any system error you notice while playing a certain game, and this report is directly sent to the AGLC.

Thus, there is a limited scope of any foul play by anyone whatsoever.