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Casinos, New Technology And The Future Of Online Gaming

In sectors that are packed with competition, the use of new technology to gain a competitive advantage is vital. The casino and online gaming sector is one that has mass competition due to the vast profits that are availabl…

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Why New Online Casinos have the best promos

We all have our favorite online casinos that we become accustomed to. However, many of us are missing out on some of the best promos by only sticking with one casino. Established casinos do run regular promotions, however m…

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Cyprus C2 casino celebrated its opening

The casino held two parties, on Tuesday and Wednesday, to celebrate the official opening of the brand new C2 Casino in Limassol. Now, it's official The C2 Casino in Limassol if the first fully licence casino of Cyprus. It ha…

See more on September 28, 2018

MGM Resorts to acquire operations of the Hard Rock Rocksino for $275 million

MGM Resorts International should close a $275 million deal in the first half of next year to acquire the property of the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park. One big family MGM Resorts published a press release to give the in…

See more on September 24, 2018

Palace Casino in Edmonton is renovated and changes name

Starlight Casino Edmonton will be the new name of the casino that will now offer 120,000 sq ft of entertainment and will open on the 26th of September. A gaming venue Gateway Casinos & Entertainment published a press release…

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Caleta Gaming launches its first cross platforms casino games

Caleta Gaming proposes 21 new slots on their online platform. Choose your device Caleta Gaming, a Brasil and England based company, announced in a press release that they are launching a new batch of online slots games. They…

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Work began on large casino in Viedma, Argentina

The construction of a casino in Viedma that will include a 54 room hotel, a food court, a convention centre for more than 500 people, a shopping centre has just begun. A three year project Viedma, the capital of the province…

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Penn National Gaming narrowed down his site for a mini-casino in Southern Berk

Penn National Gaming will build a mini-casino in the area of Morgantown in Southern Berk County. Reading loses big Penn National Gaming, a Wyoming based company, decided to build one of two mini-casinos in the area of Morg…

See more on September 13, 2018

Plan for a 150 millions dollars resort casino in Virginia revealed

Jim McGlothlin and Clyde Stacy, two prominent Virginia business leaders, plans to build a resort casino in Bristol, Virginia. Mall transformation As reported by the Herald Courier, the site chosen to build the casino is at t…

See more on September 10, 2018

A canadian pharmaceutic company plans to build a "Super-Casino" in Europe

A "Super-Casino" complex should be build at an unknown date in Europe. 50 table games, 1000 slots machines, 538 hotel rooms, VIP suites, a showroom, a retail space, and a healt spa facility should be included. A company …

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New Tiverton Casino opens in Rhode Island

A brand new Tiverton Hotel Casino opened on the 1st of September in Rhode Island, less than a mile from the Massachusetts border. Slots paradise but not only The casino, covering a surface of 33.600 sq.ft, features a thousan…

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The Casino expansion in Canada

If there’s one thing that we can be sure of as Canadians, it’s that we love to spend a good portion of our free time at various casinos and resorts dotted throughout the nation. In fact, Canada happens to be one of the larg…

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The best strategies for roulette

Martingale Strategy What is it? The player simply starts off with a 1x bet on red (or black). If it comes in, they win double their money and bet 1x again. If they lose, they double their stake on red to 2x. Again, if they …

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