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The Baha Mar Casino of Nassau finally opened its doors!

After several years of construction delays and disputes, the luxurious and huge Baha Mar Casino & Hotel is open since Friday, the 21st of April. The Baha Mar president Graeme Davis cut the ribbon during a festive opening cer…

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Gambling in Canada

Canada has so much to offer. From breathtaking scenery to vibrant arts and entertainment offerings and more, there's no shortage of things to do and places to see. And while their neighbors to the south have the Las Vegas S…

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The Monte-Carlo Pokerstars Championship opens its doors!

From today to Friday 5th of May, the casino of Monte-Carlo hosts numerous Texas Hold’em and Omaha tournaments. It is the first time that this event comes under this name in the Principality, and even in Europe. Indeed, the …

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The Best Canadian Casinos

Arguably, the first place that comes to mind when you think about cashing out on casino games would be the one and only Las Vegas. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some good options in less famous places. Today, we've…

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Ditch Conventional Roulette Strategy Because It's All About Circumstances

When it comes to roulette, everyone and their dog seems to have a system for success. Often based on nothing more than a hunch, many of these so-called strategies don't really stand up to scrutiny when the wheel starts to sp…

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The embellishing works of the Sun casino are done!

After few months of hard work, precisely since mid-September, the mythic establishment of Monaco is done with its renovation. In order to create the most muted and friendly atmosphere possible, everything has been made to o…

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It’s all in the Mind – The Importance of Psychology in Poker

Playing poker, or at least playing poker successfully, requires players to understand and at least try and master the three basic cornerstones on which the game is built. Those are: the rules; different strategies and how an…

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Bingo is Back and It’s Bigger Than Ever

Ten years ago bingo, such a popular pastime worldwide, was at risk of fading away. Traditional brick-and-mortar bingo halls were rapidly in decline, and between the years 2000 and 2010 revenue had decreased from $250,000 to …

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A virtual reality gaming system is now available at the Muckleshoot Casino.

For the first time, a U.S casino features a virtual reality gaming system. The Muckleshoot casino has partnered with VRStudios to provide a new gaming experience to its guests. At the cutting edge of technology, the virtu…

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Gaming club authorized in Paris from November 2017!

Last Wednesday, as a big surprise, the meeting agreed for the return of gaming club in Paris from November 2017. Not really expected, this statement is excellent news for the players of the Parisian metropolis. Those new…

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Gambling is officially legalized in Japan

Last Thursday, Japanese parliament voted in favor of gambling legalization within its territory. Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe has finally succeeded despite a strong opposition. Powerful gambling groups have already reacted to …

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Amazing success for the grand opening of the MGM National Harbor casino!

Thursday 8th of December at 11pm, the new MGM National Harbor opened its doors to the public and only 45 minutes later, the place reached full capacity, creating huge crowded roadway conditions! The grand opening of the new …

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PokerStar’s European Poker Tour ‘EPT’ comes to Prague, once more: December 8 – 19, 2016

Europe’s richest poker tour “European Poker Tour” is all set for its season 13, Prague – starting from 8th day of the next month. The Hilton Hotel Prague, which has been the most exciting stops on the EPT, gets to host the p…

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