In recent years, cryptocurrency has seen a massive upsurge in users. Around 200,000 Bitcoin transactions are daily, and roughly 420 million cryptocurrency users globally.

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its advent, and more companies are starting to adopt crypto as a payment method for their goods or services. Nowhere has this become more clear than in the world of online gambling.

XRP, or Ripple as it’s commonly known, is a relatively newer cryptocurrency developed in 2012. It’s a very popular cryptocurrency for several reasons we’ll soon discuss. But is it suitable for gambling?

Why Choose XRP?

There are so many types of cryptocurrency out there that you may think, “Why choose one over the other?”. It’s important to note that not all cryptocurrencies are the same. You might choose a particular coin for several reasons, but let’s look at XRP specifically to find out the pros of using this cryptocurrency for online gambling.

1.) It’s Cheap

The main reason that XRP has become so popular in recent years is that it’s incredibly cheap. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where you often pay over $20,000 for a single unit, XRP only costs around $0.50 a coin. That means you don’t have to invest much cash to use the cryptocurrency.

2.) XRP is Widely Accepted

One of the main concerns for crypto users is that they can use their cryptocurrency for goods or services. While there are many cheaper options, XRP is widely regarded as a safe cryptocurrency and is generally accepted by many crypto casinos. Platforms listing some ripple casinos show how easy it is to spend your XRP for online gaming. This means that no matter which iGaming site you sign up for, you’ll always be able to finish it.

3.) XRP is Stable

Most cryptocurrencies are known for being quite volatile. That means that you could invest $1,000 in Bitcoin today, and by tomorrow, it could be worth $950 or sometimes even $1,050. While making a profit like this can be exciting, making losses is undoubtedly not. When you’re using cryptocurrency to trade for goods or services, you want to ensure that your $1,000 is still worth $1,000 tomorrow so that when you withdraw, you’re not making any losses. XRP tends to stay at a reasonably fixed price, so you don’t have to hold your breath when converting your cash into cryptocurrency.

4.) It’s Private

The greatest thing about cryptocurrency is that it’s private. Most cryptocurrencies can be used online without leaving much paper trail behind. This is ideal if you’re trying to maintain anonymity when using your cryptocurrency for online gambling, as most people prefer to keep this kind of stuff private.

You don’t have to worry about getting pesky SMS notifications about your spending and often don’t have to provide much verification to spend your crypto.

5.) XRP Casinos Offer Many Games

Some crypto gamblers find that crypto casinos don’t offer as many games as fiat online casinos. Ripple casinos, however, tend to be pretty generous in their game offerings. These platforms often offer thousands of slots and casino classics like roulette, blackjack, and game show games in various forms. Live dealer games are also a fairly common sight at Ripple casinos, allowing you to get some social interaction as you play.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is set to change the world of digital finance as we know it and has changed the game significantly quickly. As more and more people become familiar with it and more businesses embrace it as a payment method, we’re likely to see incredible growth in this sector in the coming years.

Ripple seems an excellent choice for online betting and gaming thanks to its reasonable stability and lower cost than many other cryptos. It offers many benefits you won’t find when gaming with fiat currencies or at land-based casinos in Las Vegas!