Second variant of Video Poker the most widespread in the world, the Deuces Wild is a version quite simple and easy to understand.

Indeed, it retakes the basis of the Jack’s or Better or Joker Poker that we explained before. But here, in the Deuces Wild, the 4 Deuces of the card deck are transformed in Joker.

You must understand here that when you get one or several 2 on your machine, you can replace them by the card you need to get the best combination. No worries, we’ll explain all of that to you in the following!

Rules of Deuces Wild

--> After betting, you obtain 5 cards, which represent your first draw.

--> Among those 5 cards, you select those to keep or exchange according to what you wish to obtain (value’s chart to follow).

--> After the selection is done, your second and last draw appears. It is at this right moment that you discover if you won or not.

To win at Video Poker Deuces Wild, you will at least need a 3 of a Kind.

Here are the combinations in order, accompanied by the amount of the potential gains and corresponding probabilities:

Hands Potential winnings Probabilities
Natural Royal Straight Flush (without 2) 800 0,002%
4 deuces 200 0,02%
Wild Royal Straight Flush (with a deuce) 25 0,2%
5 of a Kind (5 same cards) 15 0,3%
Straight Flush 9 0,4%
4 of a Kind 5 6,5%
Full House 3 2,1%
Flush 2 1,7%
Straight 2 5,4%
3 of a Kind 1 28,7%
Nothing 0 54,6%

Strategy of Deuces Wild

To increase your chances of success and the payout of the machine, a strategy needs to be employed. Whether you have 1 deuce, 2 deuces, 3 deuces, 4 deuces or no one during your first draw will change the way to play. Different decisions have to be made.

That's why we will present the Wizardofodds simple strategy with charts and concrete examples.

The purpose of these charts are to help you make your decisions after the first draw. Prioritize cards to hold or pull depending on the situation (top to bottom) in which you are:

With 4 Deuces
#1 - 4 Deuces
With 3 Deuces
#1 - Pat Royal Straight Flush
#2 - 3 Deuces only
With 2 Deuces
#1 - Any pat Four of a Kind or higher
#2 - 4 cards with Royal Straight Flush Draw
#3 - 4 cards with a Straight Flush draw (two consecutives cards like 6-7 or higher)
#4 - 2 Deuces only
With 1 Deuces
#1 - Any pat Four of a Kind or higher
#2 - 4 cards with a Royal Straight Flush draw
#3 - Full House
#4 - 4 cards with a Straight Flush draw (with three consecutive cards like 5-6-7)
#5 - 3 of a Kind, Straight or Flush
#6 - 4 cards with a Straight draw
#7 - 3 cards with a Royal Straight Flush draw
#8 - 3 cards with a Straight Flush draw (two consecutives cards like 6-7 or higher)
#9 - Deuce only
Without Deuces
#1 - 4 or 5 cards with a Royal Straight Flush draw
#2 - Made 3 of a Kind to Straight Flush
#3 - 4 cards with a Straight Flush draw
#4 - 3 cards with a Royal Straight Flush Draw
#5 - Pair
#6 - 4 cards with a Flush Draw
#7 - 4 cards with an outside Straight draw
#8 - 3 cards with a Straight Flush draw
#9 - 4 cards with an inside Straight draw, except missing deuce
#10 - 2 cards with a Royal Straight Flush draw, J, Q high

Concrete Exemples

We are going directly into the the category "with 1 Deuce" in the chart above. Going down on the list, we find ourselves in the #4 position. So, we choose to keep the 4/5/6 and the Deuce to try the Straight Flush! If we draw another 2, the 3 of spade, the 7 of spade or the 8 of spade, we'll get it!

No Deuces and no draw here. We are on #5 position in the chart "Without Deuces" with a simple Pair. We keep it to try to have at least a 3 of a Kind to win!

We are in a situation "with 2 Deuces". Firstly, we may want to keep the Queen and the King to try the Straight. However, as indicated, it's better to keep simply the Deuces. You'll necessary have a 3 of a Kind with any other card so you'll win!

Complicated situation here! Indeed we have a Pat Pair and a Royal Flush draw. What we have to do? As usual, we look the chart and we can see that the Royal Flush draw is in #4 position before the Pair #5.

No possible hesitation. We have a wonderful draw! We keep the 3 Deuces and the Ace. We'll have at least a 4 of a Kind but we can have a Royal Flush too if we draw the 10, Jack, Queen or King of spade!

Tip: Always bet the maximum possible on the machines. Nice jackpots awaits you if you hit a Royal Flush!

If this amount is a bit too high for you, find another machine with a smaller denomination.

You are now ready to launch your career in Video Poker Deuces Wild!

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