Learn Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy in 5 Minutes - An infographic by the team at CasinosAvenue

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Retranscription of this infographic:

Learn Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy in 5 Minutes

Game Purpose

Three Card Poker is one of the most popular Poker variant which is played against the Bank.

The Players and the Bank use three cards, the goals is to win by simply having a better hand than the Dealer or by getting at least a Pair.




Straight Flush

3 cards in sequence, all of the same suit

Three of a kind

Three cards of the same denomination


Three cards in sequence of any suit


Three cards of the same suit


Two cards of the same denomination

High card

High card

Gaming Table

The gaming table can welcome up to 7 players.

Betting System




Initial bet to play


Equal bet to the Ante bet to continue the hand

Pair Plus

Additional winning bet if you possess at least a Pair

Game Progress

Players have to place their bets on the « Ante » box to start and/or on the optional « Pair Plus » box if they wish, then the dealer gives three cards to each player and himself. In some casinos you will have to bet on the « Ante » box to wager on the « Pair Plus » box.

Players can then look at their hands and decide :

  • To fold by putting their cards face down next to the initial wager so that the Dealer can recover them and end the round.
  • To raise by putting their cards and an additional wager on the « Play » box.
  • Then the dealer turns over his card and must have at least a Queen high hand to qualify and to play. The probability that he gets is 69,59%.
  • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, Players win and he takes all the cards without turning them over. This allows you to bluff if you think that he will not qualify.

Potential Winnings

If the dealer wins, Players lose their « Ante » and « Play » wagers.

If the Player wins and if the Dealer does not qualify, the player double his « Ante » bet and gets back his «Play » bet. If the Dealer qualifies (and the Player still wins), the Player doubles his « Ante » and « Play » bets.

In case of a Tie, the Player gets his wagers back.


If the Player bets on the « Play » box and possesses at least a Straight, he receives a bonus calculated as follows:



Straight Flush

5x your Ante bet

Three of a kind

4x your Ante bet


1x your Ante bet

You get the Bonus even if you lose the round and/or if the Dealer doesn’t qualify.


The «Pair Plus» bet is optional and is exclusively based on the Player’s hand. If a Player only wager on this bet, he doesn’t have to choose to raise or fold once the cards are dealt.



Straight Flush

40x your Pair Plus bet

Three of a kind

30x your Pair plus bet


60x your Pair Plus bet


3x your Pair Plus bet


1x your Pair Plus bet

You are rewarded by the « Pair Plus » bet even if you lost the round and/or if the dealer didn’t qualify.

Various advices about Three Card Poker (3-card Poker)

Avoid to bet on the « Pair Plus » box as the house edge is usually high, 7,3% in average, prefer to bet on the « Ante » box where the house edge is only 3,37%.

Be sure to know the Payout featured by the casino as it can vary from an establishment to another. It is usually visible on the table.

To reduce the house edge, the best strategy you can adopt is not to fold if you possess at least Q-6-4, avoid to raise with hands such as Q-5-4 or J-9-8.

If you have a winning combination for the « Bonus » or the « Pair Plus », advise the Dealer because if he doesn’t qualify and lose, he will pay the winners and take their cards face down. Then, your additional winnings will be lost.