Learn Casino War rules and strategy in 5 minutes - An infographic by the team at CasinosAvenue.

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Retranscription of the infographic:

Learn Casino War Rules and Strategy in 5 Minutes

Game Purpose

Casino War is an adaptation of the famous « War » game. It is played against the bank and usually with 1 to 6 decks of 52 cards.

The purpose of the game is to get a higher card than the dealer’s one. It is one of the easiest casino games.

Player Hands Value

Here is the hand ranking for Casino War:














Gaming Table

The Table welcomes up to 7 players.

Betting system

TIE BET / The player puts his bet on the intended location on the table and according to the minimal and maximal betting limits/

ANTE / The player can also make a Tie Bet an extra bet winning if his 1st card matches the dealer’s 1st card.

Game progress

The dealer gives one card to every players and the last one to himself, face visible. Then they compare their cards.

Potential Winnings

If your card is higher than the dealer’s one, you win the round and double your original wager.

However, if you card is lower than the dealer’s one, you lose your original wager.

The Tie Bet is paid 10 to 1.

War Situation

In the event of a tie bet when your card and the dealer’s card, there is a War situation, and then you have to choose between 2 alternatives:

  • Surrender and lose half of your wager/
  • Go to war against the dealer, by adding a wager equal to the original bet. In this case, the dealer will burn 3 cards and then gives another card each.

If your card is now higher than the dealer’s one, you win the War and only double your initial bet.

If your card is now lower than the dealer’s one, you lose the round, the original bet and added wagers.

There can’t be a 3rd War situation: if your card is equal to the dealer’s one, you recover your initial bet and get payed on the additional one.

Various Advices about Casino War

Always choose to go to war, if you decide to go to War in the event of a tie, you still have chances to double your initial bet. By forfeiting, you are 100% sure to lose half of your wager.

If you never surrender, you can reduce the house edge to 2,88%.

Don’t bet on the Tie bet, the odds are 14 to 1 and it only pays 10 to 1.