Anargyros Karabourniotis better known as Archie Karas has been assigned to the Nevada’s "Black Book", a list referring 33 person excluded from all Nevada’s casinos.

The legendary poker player Archie Karas has gained success between 1992 and 1994 when the man now aged 64 year old turned 50$ into more than 40 million playing high-stakes poker. At that time, "the Run" as he was called, beat the best poker players in the world from Chip Reese to Stu Ungar.

But unfortunately for him success didn't last and he lost in three weeks at Baccarat what he had won at poker.

Since 1998, the gambler has already been arrested four times for cheating in casinos in California and Nevada. The last time he committed an offense was in September 2013 at the Barona Casino of San Diego when he was arrested for cheating at Blackjack using a well known process: marking cards.

He was taken into custody at his Las Vegas home and then extradited to San Diego to face cheating charges at the court. He pleads not guilty but the investigations of the Gaming Control Board and the videos recorded at the San Diego casino are not in his favor.

He could have face up to four years of jail and eventually received three years of probation and being assigned to the "Black Book" by the Nevada Gaming Commission which means he won’t be able to enter in a Nevada’s Casino for the rest of his life.

"Archie Karas is a threat for the gaming industry", said enforcement chief of the Nevada Gaming Commission Karl Bennson.

In spite of the $205,000 won during his poker career and seven cashes at the WSOP, Karas has no more chance to take part in one of the most renowned poker tournament of the world…