Another famous name of the Las Vegas’ Strip just shut down. After 60 years, the last tower of the casino & hotel Riviera has been destroyed in front of many witnesses and nostalgic people.

During the night of the 15th to the 16th of August 2016, a new emblematic casino of the Strip disappeared. The establishment built in 1955 closed its doors in May 2015 after an umpteenth bankruptcy.

The Monte Carlo tower and the casino were the only survivors of the venue’s closure. The following video of shows us the demolition by implosion of the building at 2:30am WT.

See the video here

It was located in front of the CircusCircus casino and was the neighbor of the Wynn Las Vegas casino.

As the recalls us, the hotel-casino of 2,075 rooms was famous as classic mob joint featured in films such as “Ocean Eleven” (1960), “Diamonds are forever” (1971) or Austin Powers (1997).

The Riviera was one of the first skyscrapers of the Strip. At the top of its history, this little poker room of 6 tables welcomed the great names of the world wide jet-set.

Because of the increasing competition, the establishment did not catch on anymore and today, it sadly comes crashing down.

The site has been rebought by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority for $191 millions in order to expend the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A new proof that shows how the Las Vegas Strip is perpetually changing!