In order to experience a successful trip to Las Vegas, a good organization is essential. Here is an helpful guide where you can learn what is the best time to visit Vegas when the weather and temperatures are favorable.


Being part of the State of Nevada, Las Vegas is in the heart of Mojave Desert, with an arid and warm climate it is one of the largest North American Desert.

This dryness makes Las Vegas benefit from 315 days of sunshine a year and low rainfall.

However, beware: summer can be very warm when in July, the temperature hits 104 °F. Severe storms may happen and flooding occurs.

As regard winter, the weather is cool with an average of 46°F in January. February has the most significant rainfall however, they usually don't last more than 4 days.

Find out below the Las Vegas weather report:


The sub-arid climate of the region makes Las Vegas a destination to avoid in summer because the temperature may hit more than 100°F.

During this time of the year the weather and the temperature shock, from the cold atmosphere of casinos to your way out, may bother your holiday. Sandstorm also may surprise you although they are rare but nevertheless very impressive.

However, temperature in winter can quickly go down to 36°F which is convenient for holidaymakers, except if they are willing to stay inside.


To have a nice stay in Las Vegas, one will have to choose between spring and fall.

At these times, you will fully enjoy swimming pools during daytime, be lightly dressed to sail from one casino to another and enjoy Las Vegas open air pool parties and clubs.

April, May, June, September and October take advantage of a nice weather with 77°F as average temperature. During those times of the year the rush is low and you can enjoy reduced rates in Las Vegas hotels.

However don't be mistaken! Gamblers and holidaymakers looking for fun are not the only one to be lured by Las Vegas. Businesses from all over the world organize conferences and workshops over the year. Their presence may affect accommodation prices.

Therefore, you may check if there are no workshops expected before going. Glance at VegasMeansBusiness website calendar to check this out.

As during workshops periods, hotel room rates increase on national holidays since Americans like to go to Las Vegas and have fun. You may consider not traveling on these days if you want to benefit from the best prices.

Find out below USA national holidays:

January 1: New Year's Day

Third Monday in January: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Third Monday in February: George Washington's Birthday

March of April: Easter Day

Last Monday in May: Memorial Day

July 4: Independence Day

First Monday in September: Labor Day

Second Monday In October: Columbus Day

November 11: Veterans Day

Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day

December 25: Christmas Day

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