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In the last few years, the online casino industry has witnessed consistent growth in popularity. The growth can be attributed to the affordability of the internet, plus the flooding of the market with very affordable smartph…

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Greentube released a new progressive jackpot slot – Diamond Link: Mighty Sevens

Released by Greentube, the subsidiary of Australian gambling giant, Novomatic, Diamond Link: Mighty Sevens is a fresh addition to their Home of Games collection. The Diamond Link series is top-rated in the online gambling co…

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Casino Union Suing Over Improper COVID-19 Protections

A labor union, also called trade union, or worker’s union is an organization working on the betterment and the protection of the rights of the employees. They help the workers negotiate better terms with the employers over t…

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The Route to iGaming for Norwegian Players

Following the rise of digitalisation, the global iGaming industry has continued to reach new, unprecedented heights. However, unlike many other countries that have seen their respective casino sectors thrive, Norway’s casino…

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National Guard called to protect Las Vegas casinos in Nevada

The national guard have been recalled by the governor of Nevada to take strategic locations in Las Vegas an Reno. The governor has very clearly specified that the guard will not be conducting any arrests or crowd control, bu…

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Good Days for Online Casinos

Search for online casinos is at an all-time high. The coronavirus crisis, which has forced a large portion of the world into lockdown for various amounts of time, has reinforced the industry. In truth, it was well on its way…

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Louisiana gearing up to be the next state to legalize sports betting

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many American states have realized just how important it is to have some digitalized industries well established within the local economy. Due to the more “outgoing” nature of the American busin…

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Online Casinos in Europe: A Growing and Secure Market while the land-based industry suffers the COVID19 crisis

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find a safe online casino in Europe. Today, most countries have an association to make sure that gaming is played safely in a secure and fair environment. They have also tackled the probl…

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5 Trends for Online Casinos in 2020

As every new year begins, we see a transformation of sorts regarding the online gambling industry. New technology and innovative concepts lead the way as online casinos find quality ways to provide a safe, fun, and exciting …

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Comparing land-based casinos to online casinos

Comparing land-based casinos to online casinos is kind of like comparing apples and oranges. They're both round fruit, with different tastes, textures, and methods of consuming them. Of course, not everyone likes both, and s…

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West Virginia government not too keen on election betting

Sports betting and betting, in general, is a controversial topic in the United States. Yes, there are some states designed to cater to this industry, but most “residential” states that primarily focus on different types of p…

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Just How Important Are Themes to the iGaming Sector and Beyond?

Throughout the years, the online casino industry has continued to flourish, with themes being central to user immersion and sustained market growth. Following the rise of digitalisation, the iGaming sector is arguably more p…

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Illinois and Michigan to open land-based betting this week

Both the states of Illinois and Michigan are preparing for the grand opening of their first legal land-based betting venues. Michigan decided to wait a little bit as people get adjusted to the week and will open its doors on…

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