Since last week, the Isle of Pompano Casino, Florida, offers Multi Action Poker. That’s the only poker room in United States that proposes this kind of game.

The Multi Action Poker (MAP) appeared for the first time at the Aria in Las Vegas in 2012. But it was stopped in 2013 because the creator, Timothy Frazin, wanted to made refinements.

The idea is simple: play two different poker games simultaneously on the same table thanks to two dealers opposite to each other.

Good poker players fold about 80 percent of their hands, so there is a lot of downtime. With MAP there is always action. “Any time there’s a long decision, the action (for the rest of the table) is going to be a lot quicker,” Frazin said.

To avoid confusion, the table is separated with colors, one for each dealer. It means that players have two distinct spaces in front of them for each game.

The chips, the placement of cards and the pots are also different. Decks of cards are distinguishable with colors front and back from the other. So players can’t exchange their chips or their cards.

The aim of the Multi Action Poker tables is to double the number of hands played to maximize players’ chances of success in a short time.

Both dealers can offer the same poker variant but they also can propose different games (No Limit Hold 'Em and Omaha for example).

The standard table is eight-handed but some ten-handed tables are available.

Here’s a small overview of a MAP game: