It is time to celebrate! After being closed for over a year, the Chukchansi Gold Casino reopened on New Years Eve. Despite the protests and disputes among the tribe, the reopening was a huge success. 1,000 exited costumers came to enjoy slot machines and other table games.

It was actually a big surprise for the Californian casino. Indeed, the Chukchansi Gold Casino was supposed to have a soft reopening due to 14 month of shutdown, but as soon as the door were opened, a large crowd came in.

The 1,700 slot machines and many table games were quickly used. Obviously, the customers couldn’t wait for more and were happy to enjoy the casino again.

However, disputes and protests are still going on who has the legal right to run the Venue. One group of tribal called the “distributees” claiming to be the Chukchansi’s original founders, were not up for a reopening.

The October election did not give a seat to them at the council and the group doesn’t support the current leader, who is, as they say, not legal to run the council.

Despite all the drama around the council election, the casino created in 2003, is running again and thousands of customers are now delighted.

Who knows, you could be one of them!