Worldwide premiere, in spring 2017, the new casino of La Ciotat will be the very first one outdoor casino! Enjoying nice weather while playing table games and slot machines will be possible soon. The casino breaks new ground and hope to attract many visitors, in a venue with multiple assets.

The project looks huge: a 1,300m2 terrace will be reserved to table games and slot machines. You will have the opportunity to play while admiring the sea view but also while savoring your cigarette. How is that?

According to Europe 1, two casinos will be engineered, one indoor and the other one outdoor. The main advantages of the outdoors casino are the compositions of its architecture that offer to visitors an extra security, a game comfort and a unique atmosphere.

L’Express informs us that the project foresees a canopy and huge shade screens in canvas that will protect players in case of bad weather. These dispositions will have also the benefit to protect machines from the sunshine, which may handicap the screen visibility.

It might happen that a strong rain comes in the area. That is why, the terrace floor has been studied to draw off water during strong rain and a system of draperies can be stretched around the shade screens in order to protect machines and table games.

The security has been strengthened by glass sheets around the terrace, reinforced by vegetal defensive edges and under the supervision of bodyguards, as Le Point adds.

The main advantage is, of course, the fact that you can smoke cigars and cigarettes. Since 2008 and its prohibition, numerous players remain frustrated, but today, this problem may be resolved.

The actual Casino Partouche Les Flots bleus la Ciotat, located on the seacoast, cannot be maximizing. That is why; it was decided to transfer its activity in a bigger and renewed venue that will certainly attract multiple clients.

Some casinos in Las Vegas, such as the Caesars Palace, already offers this kind of concept pretty cool named "Swim-Up". This is the fact to play at Blackjack in a swimming pool!

However, they still have not found a solution for slot machines. Indeed, it's difficult to make them run all day under this warmy wheather.

Cocorico, the French casinos seem to be well gone to offer new and attractive offers!