From October 13 to 17, the Monte-Carlo casino held the "One Drop Extravaganza".

This poker festival is rather special in its kind, as it is the charity tournament with the highest entry fee in history.

Indeed, carefully chosen participants must pay the amount of one million euro to access to the Main Event.

Seven other more "affordable" tournaments are also featured with buy-ins between €10,000 and €100,000.

Previously organized in Las Vegas, this is the first time it is held abroad.

The Monegasque option had been immediately favored for its location, facilities and the fame of its beautiful Monte-Carlo casino.

The man at the base of this incredible project is Guy Laliberté, wealthy Canadian businessman, founder of the “Cirque du Soleil”, the One Drop* foundation and a great lover of Poker.

This is in order to publicize its association and to obtain funding that he had the brilliant idea of organizing this great event.

Thus, recreational players and other celebrities will give 11.11 % (€111.111) of their buy-in to fund of the association, while the rest will ensure a substantial prize pool.

With many shows, exceptional food, VIP cash game tables and accommodations in the prestigious Hermitage Paris and Monte-Carlo hotels, no doubt that players will spend a good time!

*Association developing water access projects for very isolated communities.