The 32-year old casino 2000 Mondorf-les-bains had to face a 19% decline of its clientele over the last few years. Measures such as the ban on smoking and identity checks are the main reasons why it caused such drop in visitors.

Something had to be done. That's why the CEO, Guido Berghmans tried to find a way to stop the drain. He quickly came up with a solution: "to rely on activities by converting to an entertainment center for grown-ups", according to its testimony in Republican Lorrain.

He began with converting the already existing small concert hall to a kind of cabaret. For four years, it has hosted many cultural events: diner shows, crafts shows, concerts... By the way, singers such as Suzanne Vega, Julie Zenatti and Gloria Gaynor already performed there. Tea dances are set up every Sunday and appeal to more than 400 people already. Moreover, he also enables local young talents to perform on stage at the Purple Lounge, a 200-seat room.

Right now, Guido Berghmans is working on a programming of more than a hundred of dates over 18 months. As for the prices, they will be noticeably cheaper than competitors'. "We're in need of arguments to make people want to come", the CEO asserts.

In addition to these expansion stages, the site of Luxembourg thinks of opening a 102-seat movie theater, which can be converted to a dancing hall, as well as a bowling alley. Even if it remains an idea for now, it could materialize in the near future.

"We implemented everything to adjust ourselves to suit visitors' wishes", he adds. As a result, around 2,000 people walk inside the complex per day.

The casino's bet was surely good !