Arguably, the first place that comes to mind when you think about cashing out on casino games would be the one and only Las Vegas.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't some good options in less famous places.

Today, we've looked at the best casino options Canada has to offer and we're presenting them below, to show you that in fact, there are some very good alternatives to Las Vegas, be it land-based or online entertainment you're looking for.

River Rock Casino Resort


The River Rock Casino Resort is located in Richmond, British Columbia, and is one of the largest casino resorts in Canada.

The diversity in entertainment is a distinct feature of the casino, which not only includes over 1,000 slots but also several poker rooms and table games.

The entertainment available extends beyond indulging in casino games, with several food destinations also accessible, such as diners and gourmet dining.

Furthermore, the resort also welcomes overnight stays, with two hotels on site that include a spa and gym.

If you’re looking for an exciting Casino getaway, then this resort may be for you.

Vegas Palms

Online casinos are made for individuals who would rather avoid the trouble of traveling to partake in their favorite games, and a specific one we would recommend is Vegas Palms.

One of its most noteworthy features is its user friendliness; the casino not only hosts over 390 games to play, but it is also available in French, for residents of Quebec.

As for the incentives the online provider offers, they seem more than attractive. Not only are new players offered a 200% match welcome bonus up to $100, but the regular promotions that the casino offers give you the opportunity to win exciting prizes too, such as fancy gadgets and vacation deals.

An interesting point to note here is that unlike many of its online competitors, Vegas Palms only excludes one game from contributing to its play-through requirements, which is great news for all who want to make use of both the match and the extra bonus players can land right away if they use an e-wallet to make their first deposit.

Innovation and technology are at the forefront in the battle for online casino supremacy.

With new sites popping up almost every day, more and more players are looking for fun and engaging games that break with tradition.

Casino Niagara


There is no harm in wanting to enjoy a gorgeous view while placing bets, and Casino Niagara in Ontario will allow you to do just that.

Located next to Niagara Falls, the casino is one of the most popular gaming destinations in Canada.

It contains over 1,500 slots and over 30 table games, not to mention a large poker room with several tables and variant options.

Similarly to River Rock, Casino Niagara also has different entertainment sites available, such as a variety of restaurants and live stand-up during the weekends.

However, what sets this casino apart is the sports section of the complex, which allows betting on professional and college sports games, making Casino Niagara a great destination for anyone who enjoys sports betting.

These are a few of the many casinos available in Canada. When deciding on a gambling destination, be sure to consider what your needs and wants are, and read up on the different bonus options and offers providers have in place - it would be a shame to miss out on all the extra cash!