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Sauk-Suiattle tribe's casino approach opening day

Last Chance Casino and Bingo is set to open during the month. A rustic feel will be the main theme of the place to remind the surrounding environment. A long wait The Sauk-Suiattle tribe has been looking to open a casino for…

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A canadian pharmaceutic company plans to build a "Super-Casino" in Europe

A "Super-Casino" complex should be build at an unknown date in Europe. 50 table games, 1000 slots machines, 538 hotel rooms, VIP suites, a showroom, a retail space, and a healt spa facility should be included. A company …

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New Tiverton Casino opens in Rhode Island

A brand new Tiverton Hotel Casino opened on the 1st of September in Rhode Island, less than a mile from the Massachusetts border. Slots paradise but not only The casino, covering a surface of 33.600 sq.ft, features a thousan…

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The Casino expansion in Canada

If there’s one thing that we can be sure of as Canadians, it’s that we love to spend a good portion of our free time at various casinos and resorts dotted throughout the nation. In fact, Canada happens to be one of the larg…

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The best strategies for roulette

Martingale Strategy What is it? The player simply starts off with a 1x bet on red (or black). If it comes in, they win double their money and bet 1x again. If they lose, they double their stake on red to 2x. Again, if they …

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5 Best Vegas Comp Rewards

The key to earning the best rewards in Las Vegas is to know which casinos offer the best comp rewards programs. Once you know the ins and outs of each reward offering, you can visit the casinos that meet your reward earning …

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US - Century: the best casino in Denver for six consecutive years

For the sixth time, the Century Casino and Central City Hotel has been named « Denver's Best Casino » following a poll by Denver A-List. Over a three-month period, the casino received fifty-six thousand votes from residents …

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Could Lagos Become the Next Vegas?

When it comes to thinking of places that are rich in the casino experience, Las Vegas and possibly Macau will top every list. But, given how far reaching the world is and how the growth of each continent has increased since…

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Blockchain : the technology that revolutionizes the world of casinos

Currently, Blockchain technology influences the world of casino and slot machines like never before. As proof, many casinos have launched into cryptocurrency like FunFair, Edgeless or Moreover, it is possible to c…

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Marina Bay Sands : the most popular hotel on Instagram

The Marina Bay Sands hotel or MBS is the most established hotel in the world according to the social network Instagram itself, passing in front of the most famous hotels in Ibiza, Dubai or Las Vegas. Top 11 most instagramme…

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Is Online Gaming a Threat to Las Vegas Casinos?

The past few years have left a significant footprint in the online gaming history, timeline is probably a much better term instead of history. We witnessed how the Australian government put an end to online gaming, banning a…

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The new iOS CasinosAvenue App!

CasinosAvenue is now available on Iphone and Ipad! The App has been designed to facilitate your experience and reasearchs. Like on the website, you will find the most accurate land-based casino database as well as all the…

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Choose your favorite game between these 5 popular slots !

Do you want to earn both money and good time on a slot machine? These five hand-picked casino games promise you the most fun and profitable gaming experience ! STARBURST: The traditional slot machine with 3D animation Starbu…

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