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Buzz Cities Alternative To Las Vegas

If you are a fan of Las Vegas and all that it has to offer, you may be excited to learn, that there are a number of emerging cities that are offering the same level of excitement without all the travelling. But which are som…

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Far from Great Casinos: IGaming is now on your Mobile Device

Between the sparkling skyscrapers, glamorous interiors, the crowds of people and the seas of games, land-based casinos can create lasting memories quickly. But let's be honest. Traveling to an elegant mega hotel in Las Vegas…

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Why Mobile Gaming is Becoming Increasingly Popular in Online Casinos

When the snake game became a hit in the late 1990s, console game manufacturers brushed it off as a fad. With time, playing games on a mobile device became the norm. Today, more people play games on their smartphones than on …

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Affiliate Sites, RTP and Customer Reviews: A Guide to Finding the Best Slots Online

The world of online gambling has opened up a whole host of new options for players. Ensuring that gaming is no longer limited to the rare occasions when it’s possible to visit land-based casinos, it has made the industry mor…

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California prepares for major changes in the gambling scene

California, one of the most populous states, as well as the richest states in the USA is preparing to make some serious changes in its gambling regulation in order to better accommodate the needs and beliefs of their local p…

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Are Mobile Apps the Future of the Online Casino Industry?

Ever since smartphones entered our lives, they have transformed our daily routine. We use them to communicate, check our emails on the way to work, navigate our cities, and even for entertainment. Could they also prove the k…

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As online gambling keeps getting popular, it is good to know that as far as players from New Zealand are concerned, they can pay using NZ dollars. You can locate several online casinos that allow you to make payments in NZ d…

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Should you play at a Land-based or Online Casino?

Casinos keep closing down in Las Vegas. Some turn into hotels and night clubs while others are ever-changing their management. As online casinos grow in popularity worldwide, land-based casinos will continue struggling to fi…

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The Spanish gambling market has been growing the last couple of years

For the past five years, Spain has shown strong growth in the iGaming segment, with the numbers pointing at a 274 percent increase since 2014. In pure numbers, the growth translated into estimated €439.1 million as of Q1 201…

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Atlantic City may oust their new mayor for the gambling market

The Atlantic City has been a powder keg for the last couple of years. The politics, as well as business, are extremely intertwined in this city considering just how much investment has been garnered in the gaming industry. B…

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New York will consider providing financial assistance to its commercial casinos

Serious talks have begun in the city of New York about potentially bailing commercial casinos out of the debts they’ve racked up over the years trying to compete with their tribal contemporaries. The New York State Gaming Co…

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Virginia tribe to purchase land for a future casino resort

The city council of Norfolk, which is the second-largest city in Virginia has concluded an agreement with the Pamunkey Indian Tribe to open a casino resort on a 13.25-acre land in which the city will be selling to the tribe …

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How Have Casinos Updated Themselves for a Digital Age?

Despite the fact that the past ten years have seen us essentially migrate online as a population, some pillars of tradition have remained. Indeed, everything from seeing doctors to touring colleges, viewing houses to communi…

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