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Michigan players brace for final state-wide sports betting launch

Gamblers in Michigan have already been waiting for more than a year to finally see the promise made in 2019 come to fruition. Most hope that the final launch will take place somewhere around Christmas time, but considering t…

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New casino trends to look out for over the coming months

The past months have presented unprecedented challenges to every business sector, and casinos have been hit as hard by the restrictions and lockdowns as the rest of the leisure industry. Yet challenging times also act as dr…

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Why Malta is One of the Most Prestigious Licenses in the Online Casino Industry

When you talk about Malta in any conversation, many people will think about the 300 days of sunshine in the small island country, the very jovial and friendly people, the beautiful beaches, and the amazing nature of the geog…

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Unibet Lauches Sport-based casino

IGaming has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Where once consumers were limited by a distinct lack of choice, now there are an array of options – in part at least due to industry innovation. The latest trend to sweep…

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How does the US gaming sector survive COVID-19?

Not a single business sector has remained untouched by the deadly impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the first wave of the outbreak had already passed, it left many different industries struggling to overcome the b…

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Nevada August casino revenue suffers setback

We all know how the gambling industry is taking over the world, because of the number of people that are involved there and the economic benefits it brings to various countries. Because of the coronavirus which severely disr…

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How Online Casinos Look in Japan and Which One You Should Choose

Many gambling experts have been expressing their concerns regarding the risks associated with gambling. Every gambling industry needs gambling safeguards that protect the players from gambling addiction and any other risks a…

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Why is there a Rise in Casino Gaming in Japan

In as much as the Japanese government has laid out very strict gambling laws, the citizens are not strangers to gambling. The complexity of gambling regulations does not negate the existence of gambling activity in Japan. In…

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Las Vegas casinos are reportedly ignoring COVID-19 guidelines

According to recent reports from The Daily Beast, at least one casino in Las Vegas is grossly violating the state’s COVID-19 guidelines, putting the well-being of their customers as well as their employees at grave risk. Aft…

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Could VR Gaming Success Lead to VR Casinos?

There was a time when tech experts were sure that virtual reality was going to be the next big thing. 2012 saw the release of Oculus Rift, which would revolutionise how we engaged with TV, film, gaming, and even business and…

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4 Ways That You Can Improve Your Casino Experience

Many people get excited when they visit casinos, because there is a lot of fun to enjoy, many games to experience, and many other social and recreational betting activities to engage in a very safe and secure environment. De…

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Las Vegas Casinos Sued Over Improper COVID-19 Protections

A labor union, also called trade union, or worker’s union is an organization working on the betterment and the protection of the rights of the employees. They help the workers negotiate better terms with the employers over t…

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Since the advent of the internet and the introduction of online casinos in 1996, the popularity and growth witnessed by the online gambling industry has increased at a tremendous pace. The internet is currently saturated wi…

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