Police investigation results led China government to accuse casinos on South Korea's Jeju Island to attract Chinese gamblers through prostitution. Arrest of South Korean and Chinese recruiters.

China's Central Television channel exposed Jeju casinos last Monday. The report showed that South Korean casinos had been offering a contract that promised sexual services in exchange of buying a certain amount of gaming chips in order to lure Chinese players.

For example, buying $15,700-worth of chips would entitle a gambler to a massage. Spending twice that sum would lead him to spend the night with a Korean actress or model...

Police also confiscated nearly $4,8m in illegal gambling money. Chinese recruiters reportedly get a 1,6% of the value of chips gamblers buy in South Korea with a bonus of $31,000 if gamblers they brought lost $156,000 or more.

CCTV said 13 South Koreans and 23 Chinese recruiters were arrested in June for illegally luring gamblers willing to travel to Jeju's casinos. They are particularly Chinese players as they account for 80% of the customers of the eight foreigners-only casinos on the island.

According to China's Criminal Law, it is illegal to attract more than ten Chinese citizens to gamble overseas and above all receive compensation for doing so. They can be punished by a jail sentence up to 10 years.

South Korea'd should now thinking about the launching of new casinos on Jeju, as China might completely ban traveling for gambling purposes on the island due to the illegal gambling controversy.