Do not miss the January 8th! For it's very first time, the famous online poker website, Pokerstars, is about to organized a Blackjack live tournament, where the players will compete against each other. With a 500$ buy-in and a 100 000$ dotation, the tournament integrated to the Poker Caribbean Adventure is going to be big!

Since the acquisition of Pokerstars by Amaya gaming in 2014, as the New York Times remember us, the website is still diversifying itself continuously. After the online casino games, it is now in real tournament.

This tournament is designing in a new development phase of Pokerstars. The most visited online poker room has 66% worldwide market share and 27,5% market share in France.

Besides the Blackjack tournament, the PCA will obviously be composed of numerous poker tournaments as the Hold’em Super High-Roller, the Hold’em High-Roller 8-handed single and the Hold’em PCA Main Event.

The Atlantis Casino of Nassau will be hosting the tournament, limited to 216 subscriptions. Six players will play on the table with only 15 hands. The player who has the most chips at the end of the game will get through the next round (Shootout). The second round will have six tables of six players.

The six finalists will play on the last table with a $70 000 dotation, plus a package for the Main Event offer by Pokerstars.

We don't know yet if it'll become a regular tournament, the WSOP's had already try to do it without success...