Although gambling in the USA is not completely illegal, the process is strictly regulated. This means that the laws of the State you’re in dictate when and where you can gamble. As there are 50 states – it can be a little hard to remember what you are and aren’t allowed to do.

Online gambling has been a strictly regulated since the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which made financial transactions involving online gambling websites illegal. In some States this ruling has now been reversed and it is legal to gamble online. Confused? Thought so.

To help you out, today we’re looking at two of the USA’s biggest poker scenes – New Jersey and Nevada to see how they differ and what rules apply.

New Jersey

New Jersey (NJ) is one of the US states where playing online poker for money is currently legal! WSOP NJ online poker is hugely popular, but so are the bricks and mortar establishments of Atlantic City, the only part of the state where casinos are legal.

New Jersey residents voted to legalise gambling in Atlantic City back in 1976.

Now you’ll find 11 world-class casinos located on the city’s beachside boardwalks. It turns out that those who were concerned about the real-life casino scene suffering as a result of online opportunities needn’t have worried – more and more people are getting into poker, and those who once played are re-finding their love of the game online and heading to the casinos of Atlantic City to try their luck in person.

Long story short, when in New Jersey you’ll have to confine your gambling to Atlantic City itself, or to the websites that have been approved by the state.



Now let’s look to Nevada – home to the most infamous gambling destination in the world, Las Vegas.

Nevada (and Louisiana) are the only two US States where casino-style gambling is completely legal across the whole state.

Gambling was made legal way back in 1931 but things didn’t really escalate until a couple of years later when the state’s more relaxed laws led to huge investment from East Coast ‘undesirables’ – many of whom were rumoured mobsters (we’ve all seen the movies!).

The hottest places to try your luck in the State are Las Vegas and Reno, but should you prefer to kick back at home, you can also gamble online legally in the state of Nevada.