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But if there were one place in the world that just about everyone associates with casino gaming, it would be Las Vegas.

Nicknamed Sin City, this oasis in the Nevada desert has been famous – and infamous – as a haven for fun-loving casino gamers for decades now.

With a new influx of visitors and even major league sports teams, Vegas isn’t going to quieten down anytime soon. But if you’re thinking of making the trip to the home of the casino, you should know that there are some new places to check out in town.

The Horseshoe Las Vegas

Last year Caesars announced that the old Bally’s was going to be rebranded, bringing a familiar name back to the Las Vegas Strip. The all-new Horseshoe promised to bring the old days back to downtown – but just with modern-day glamor and gaming areas.

There are now more poker tables than there ever were at the old Bally’s and the entire casino floor layout has been expanded and improved. The extensive renovation work also meant moving the sportsbook to the main floor of the casino – a sign of how big sports betting is these days with visitors.

The Horseshoe brand goes way back in the city and a lot of the old elements have been modernized for today’s visitors. The Jubilee Tower is going to be renamed and taken in by neighboring Paris though. That takes down the total hotel room count at the Horseshoe but fans of the old Vegas will still be happy with the new look.

Palms Reopening

After shutting down completely during the COVID pandemic, the Palms made a return to downtown last year and has earned a lot of rave reviews for the new look. Station Casinos shuttered the doors along with all the other casinos in 2020 but kept them firmly closed even when their neighbors reopened.

The Palms became the first Las Vegas casino to be 100% owned by a Native American tribe and it is now drawing the crowds. The familiar restaurants and eateries of the old Palms have returned, along with some with a Southern California vibe. There is also a Hardwood Suite that houses its basketball court, lockers – and a secret whisky room.

Situated about a mile west of the Strip itself, the Palms is sometimes considered a local casino but the enhancements and improvements made by the new owners make the place well worth a visit for out-of-towners too. Apart from anything else, it just feels good to have the place up and running again after two years of being closed.

MSG Sphere

It may not be a new casino to check out, but this has been one of the most talked about additions to the Las Vegas skyline in decades. First announced in 2018, the Sphere at the Venetian is going to be one of the go-to venues in the city and U2 is scheduled to play at its opening in September of this year.

There will be seating for almost 19,000 people and the finished article will be the largest spherical building in the world at 366 feet high and 516 feet wide. It has come at a cost though.

Originally budgeted at around $1.2 billion, the final bill looks set to be just over a billion dollars more. But the hope is that an entertainment venue with the world’s largest LED screen capable of showing proceedings on the interior and exterior of the building will bring hordes of people through the doors.

There is also an MSG Sphere London planned for the east of that city. But, as is usually the norm, it will be Las Vegas that leads the way when it comes to extravagant entertainment.

If you are planning a trip to Sin City at the end of the year you will not be able to escape the Sphere even if you’re interest is primarily in casino gaming.