All means are good for the Las Vegas casinos to increase their profits. You will find bellow 6 ways the resorts are using in 2016.

Increase of resort fees

Resort fees are raising year after year in Sin City. Close to 40 hotels increased their fees in 2016 for an average increase of 7%.

I.e: like many other MGM Resorts properties, the Bellagio increased its fee from $32 to $35, or the Luxor from $26 to $29.

Triple Zero Sands roulette

Recently, the Venetian of Las Vegas introduced a new game: the Sands Roulette: A roulette with triple zero.

The roulette tables in United-States and even in the whole world have just a zero or two with a house advantage of 2,7% or 5,2%, which it’s still quite big compared to games like Blackjack or Baccarat.

At the Venetian, the Sands roulette have 0-00-000, which means there are more possibilities for the players to lose their chips.

On the table you can see one zero and the double zero, but not the triple zero. In fact, the “000” is replaced by the « S » of the “Sands” logo.

This brings players into a game with a house advantage of 7,7%, which is very high…

If you play you will lose your money almost 50% faster.

The implementation of this new game is rather new and little known.

Surge Pricing

Today, the surge pricing increase is a widespread technique.

Also called “Yield management” a company raises the price of their offering when there is an increase demand.

Commonly used in the Hotel business, it appeared more frequently on the Strip in another kind of businesses: Restaurants.

According to VitalVegas, more and more restaurants publish their menus on the web without showing the price.

They use the surge pricing tactic to increase their benefits.

For example, on Monday, a restaurant can charge a pizza to 10$, and 15$ on the weekend.

Skinny Pours

Since shortly, the MGM resort, has studied closely the amount of liquor poured into their cocktails.

With the result of this study, they noticed that the amount of liquor pours in the cocktails was never the same.

In a standard pour at MGM resort the amount of liquor has been 1,5 ounces. Now, the amount of liquor is 1,25 ounces.

With this reduction, this Resort control liquor costs and increase their benefits.

Comp drink Monitoring System

Bye bye free drinks if you don’t really play!

It’s now impossible to stay on a video poker machine bet a few dollars hopping for the waiter to give you free drinks.

Caesars entertainment has equipped all of its resorts with a comp drink monitoring system.

First, to activate the machine, you must put into $20 and a blue light will turn on.

Then, if you play the max bets, the light will turn green and you will be eligible for free drinks.


Before, going to Las Vegas by car or renting one for a few days was a no brainer.

But the main resorts parkings on the Strip are no more free since June 6th 2016.

Be careful before booking your room.