For the first time, a U.S casino features a virtual reality gaming system. The Muckleshoot casino has partnered with VRStudios to provide a new gaming experience to its guests.

At the cutting edge of technology, the virtual reality system is becoming a must. Offering the opportunity for players to immerse their selves inside a new world, the system attracts more and more fans.

For the first in US, a casino suggests a gaming area featuring a multiplayer virtual reality system. The Muckleshoot casino of Auburn has partnered with VRStudios, a startup based in Seattle.

This startup creates wireless, full motion and multi-participant practical virtual reality. Businessexaminer tells us that the company has already partnership with high-profile entertainment companies in the world such as Universal Studio Orlando and Meraas’ Hub Zero in Dubai.

According to geekwire, the Muckleshoot Casino suggests mostly shooter games like “Zombie Time” and “Barking irons”. Two players can play in the same time using a weapon and wearing virtual reality headsets while walking around an open space.

One session costs only $5 and the players must be older than 21. The gameplay is then broadcasted on TV screens located in the casino.

This very attractive novelty is added to the huge gaming offer of the casino of Auburn that includes not less than 3,100 video gaming machines, 70 gaming machines, 32 poker tables and Bingo.

Virtual Reality is a new opportunity to have plenty of fun in a casino!