According to European Gaming, Playtech unveiled a new concept to cement their place as a leader on the casino scene in the UK at the ICE 2019 in February.

The company, also known as PBS (Playtech BGT Sports) is launching Level Up which will offer timed challenges, daily rewards, missions, trophies, and other benefits through its program. This means that standard casino and sportsbook functionalities will be improved by the layer of gamification.

Not only will this increase brand loyalty, but it shows a move towards a more integrated digital system for the industry as a whole. Could this even be replicated across the board when it comes to slot machines and online slots?


The product is the first fully integrated gamification model across all elements of the casino, including the sportsbook. The director of the sportsbook has claimed that the move will help solidify customer satisfaction and loyalty within the sector for the brand.

Gamification and online casino seem like a perfect match, especially given the competitive edge to both aspects, which work well in tandem.

Indeed, the move from Playtech will open avenues for other gaming providers to offer similar services, which will make the entire sector more competitive and using the latest technology more than it does already.

While this may be new to the sportsbook angle, especially, online slots have been providing added layers of content for years. As shows us, the slot landscape already has some elements of gamification present. Or at least, added value when it comes to playing online slots.

Video slots are a great example of extra content being delivered upon completion of a level of certain victory in the slot game. Providing something extra has long been a tactic of companies to ensure players are happy and that they will continue using the service. Both provider and player of the game are happy as they both benefit from the added benefits involved.

Some slots even have a heavy focus on levelling up. For instance, the Castle Builder slot created by Microgaming, another key player, features players building structures as they progress through each reel of play.


Successful slot gameplay results in more resources to build in a quicker time. Therefore, players are encouraged to work towards something, as well as the traditional pull of the slot gameplay functionality. Studies have shown through other elements of gaming, such as video games, that working towards something makes people enjoy playing it more.

The digital world means that we can constantly be adapting and improving based on the latest technology. This means the physical world, with more casinos opening, has a lot to contend with.

The more the technology is absorbed and adopted, the more likely it is to be made accessible to a wider range of companies and sectors. As technology grows, the ability to incorporate it into the casino industry grows with it.

While this won’t change the core gameplay of the industry, it will help to add additional elements that can then attract newer players and keep the industry feeling fresh.