When it comes to roulette, everyone and their dog seems to have a system for success. Often based on nothing more than a hunch, many of these so-called strategies don't really stand up to scrutiny when the wheel starts to spin and the ball bounces from number to number.

Of course, that's not to say that there aren't ways you can tip the balance in your favour, but what some players fail to appreciate is that roulette isn't a single game. What we mean by this is that over the years, roulette has taken on a number of different forms. Thanks in part to the Internet, there are now numerous ways in which you can ante up at a roulette table.

Indeed, if you look at one of the top UK operators, 32Red, there are actually nine variants you can play. From European Roulette and American Roulette to the innovative Multi Wheel Roulette, the range of options is designed to cater to players of all persuasions. In fact, simply because 32Red is designed to be an online casino for UK gamers of all skill levels, there needs to be a suitable variety of games to meet their needs.

Roulette Means Different Things at Different Places

Now, if you go to a platform like Go Win, you won't find this range of options. In fact, other than classic versions of the game, you won't find anything beyond the norm at this online casino. Similarly, although Monster Casino offers five kinds of roulette, options like Dolphin's Roulette and Ra Roulette have simply added a theme to the traditional format of the game.

In contrast, 32Red's Multi Wheel Roulette has actually altered the dynamics of the overall format by adding another reel. When this is the case, the obvious question becomes: what's the best strategy to win? Because roulette is no longer a "single game", the idea that you can have one cover-all strategy just isn't correct. Indeed, you wouldn't use the same tactics in a game of Classic Roulette as you would in a multi-wheel game.

With this being the case, we've outlined a few things you should consider when you find yourself inside a varied roulette lobby.

Decisions, Decisions

The first decision you have to make before you ante up is what type of game you're going to play. Assuming you want to stick with a more traditional single-wheel variant, your two main choices are: European and American. On the fact of it, both games look the same. However, the latter has an extra number, taking the total number of options to 38.

Although a minor detail, this actually impacts your chances of winning. Because the payout on a single number stays at 35:1, you have slightly less chance of winning in an American game compared to a European one because the probability of hitting a number in the former is 38:1 but 37:1 in the latter. Or, to put this another way, the house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%, while it's 2.70% in European Roulette. So when you're faced with this decision, the numbers would suggest you go with European roulette.

Double Dozen for Single-Wheel Games

Another strong move you can make at the roulette table is to bet on two thirds at the same time. Either via the "dozen" sections or the columns, you can practically cover 66% of the board with just two bets and be guaranteed a profit when your number rolls in. The aim of any gambling scenario is to increase your chances of winning while reducing your risk, much like an investor would assess "risk".

This strategy allows you to do that because the payout on a dozen/column is 2:1. So, if you wagered £1 on the first and £1 on the third dozen, your total outlay would be £2. Should one of these come in (and there's a good chance they will), you'll win £3 for a total profit of £1.

Multi-Wheel Madness

The final piece of roulette strategy advice you should consider before you ante up is how you're going to play at a multi-wheel table. The main reason players like this format is because you can play as many as eight wheels at once. By placing just one set of bets, you actually give yourself eight opportunities to win.

When this is the case, straight-up bets become a lot more interesting. In general, bets on a single number are a long shot. However, when you're playing with eight wheels, the chances of hitting your number actually improve. Now, you have to counter this with the fact that you'll be spending more per spin (a single bet is multiplied by the number of active wheels). However, if you can find the right balance between active wheels and cost, it can pay dividends to bet on single numbers in this game.

As you can see, roulette strategy is all about assessing your surroundings. Because the Internet has changed the way the game is played, it's now necessary to adjust your strategy depending on the underlying mechanics of a game. Although it's never possible to "guarantee" a win, you can improve your chances if you take some time to consider the dynamics of the table you've joined.