They played and they won the big jackpot, the big prize, and the million. They came out of nowhere with their huge villas, ranches or luxurious cars to live a dream life…But the thing is that they lost everything!

Here’s a Top 9 lotto winners who did not manage their fortune pretty well.

9 – A father in the south of France - €900,000

This fifty-something man knew that it would be hard for him to manage his prize. That is why, he turn himself to a bank adviser. But after several hazardous investments, he lost everything and has to pay a debt of nearly €600,000!

8 – Vivian Nicholson - $5,4 millions

This woman addicted to games, won the big jackpot during a stay in Atlantic City. Her first reaction? Saying that she will spend a lot! Haute Couture dresses, luxurious cars, gambling and more. Result: at 70 years old, she is looking for a job…

7 – Pascal Brun - €26 millions

At the time when he won this gigantic lotto prize, our man is a humble butcher. But the thing that we didn’t know about him is that he was a fan of luxurious cars and a pretty big-spender! Arrested by the police while he was driving drunk, he tried to corrupt the policemen. He spend a few time in jail…

6 – Bud Poster - $16,2 millions

The story could have been really beautiful. Bud lived a hard childhood and he was almost a homeless when he won the big prize. He could have become happy forever but the story ended pretty bad. Big-spender and swindler, he was even accused of murder…

5 – Michael Carroll - $11 millions

Michael is just 18 years old when he became a millionaire. He lived a rock star life surrounded by prostitutes, alcohol and lots of drugs. He organized stock-car races inside his garden. After many rehabs and no fortune at all, he became an employee in a biscuit factory.

4 – Americano Lopes - $38,5 millions

Modest employee, Americano won an enormous prize at the American Lotto. He kept everything with him and pretended to have a surgical operation to quit his job. But his secret was discovered and the American justice ordered him to…share the prize with his colleagues!

3 – Denise Rossi – $1,3 million

As soon as she became a millionaire, Denise has the good idea to hide the secret to his husband. Her goal? Ask for a divorce and don’t share the fortune. But her secret was discovered as well and this non-revelation makes her giving everything to his husband!

2 – Barry Shell – CAD 4 millions

The day when Barry Shell won the jackpot, he was a happy man. The only problem was that he had a bench warrant for stealing…His fortune will be given to a member of his family.

1 – Martyn & Kay Tott - $5 millions

Winning $5 million for a young couple is a dream comes true. Except if…they lose the winning ticket! Thanks to justice they finally proved that they put the right numbers. But the statement arrived more than 30 days after they could withdraw the gain…when there’s no will, there’s no way.

Some funny stories but also a bit tragic! If you win big, please surround yourself with persons of confidence and stay cool!