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Japan, also called the “Land of the Rising Sun”, is located in Eastern Asia.

Its population is more than 127 million and its capital is Tokyo.

It exists, for now, no gaming establishment on the Japanese territory. However, knowing that Tokyo will hold the Olympics in 2020, the government is thinking about a possible casinos’ opening. More information can be found on our blog articles dedicated to the subject.

Those opportunities may allow the tourists to discover a bit more about this extraordinary country, from Tokyo to Osaka and from Kyoto to Okinawa Island. At the program: the historic temples, the last technologies, the effervescence of huge metropolis, traditional restaurants, karaoke bars or the districts that never sleep.

The example are numerous with the Shibuya Crossing at Tokyo, the Golden and Silver temples in Kyoto, the Namba district in Osaka or the famous Mount Fuji…

Cities :

Date, Gobo, Kyoto, Tokyo