19th Casino & Lounge, Antioch

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No Bust 21st Century Blackjack
Pool Table/Suffleboard

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Texas Hold'em
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Texas Hold'em

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05/28/2022 - Poker room

They do not honor the time rules,they allow early sign ups after start time,I waited 2hours to be denied a seat as they waited to start the game

10/10/2019 - People are very nice. Only Monday and Wednesday nights is no limit. Very spewey and people play short stacked. When they make a rack, they cash out and wait 30 minutes and come back in. The rules are their own and not standard. It can drive you nuts.

Also, their is colluding amongst friends. Stupid stuff like when two sixes come on flop, I player will openly tell his buddy “I folded a 6”. I heard this happened, and the two guys looked at and tried for 1 seconds to tell me they weren’t colluding and than smartly shut up. Players, one in particular, calls a for the Kill button after all the cards are dealt and after he peaks at his hand and nobody believes as he says, I said it before and nobody heard me. Again, just a funny place with no rules....minor annoying angle shooting.....if you can handle the loose structure, great place to play on Monday and Wednesday....if not, better go elsewhere.

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