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09/13/2020 - Buffalo Grill Unimpressed

We came here often in the past, my fiancée would hit the slots and I would have their very good Bloody Mary’s will he played. They were so good in fact I would brag about them to everyone. Well we returned after almost 6 months I was looking forward to the best Bloody Mary...very disappointed. I ordered one, the mixologist grad a premix from the cooler from a unified plastic jar poured it into a plastic cup(which I understand with COVID-19) was putting the garnish on top of it and I asked was that a pre-mix, her reply was yes: I said ok paid for it gave her a tip and left. Will enjoying the garnishes which were almost to the extreme I also noticed it didn’t have any alcohol taste nor did I see her put any in. I decided to give them another shot about an hour later ordering another. Different mixologist, she was getting all the ingredients for it I watched her put a shot of Vodka and ice in the cup as she was getting ready to add everything else I asked about you he pre-mix in the cooler. She asked if that was