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80 Pyrmont Street,Pyrmont NSW 2009 Sydney

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21 Binara Street, ACT 2608 Canberra


Positioned in Austria, (in the Illawarra district), West Wollongong is a big town containing some 192000 inhabitants.

There's no casino in West Wollongong and that’s unfortunate! But do not be concerned, there is a fantastic nearby casino, Casino & The Star Hotel Sydney.

In a casino, you’ll commonly find the prevalent regular games: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, etc. Don’t stress about asking a croupier for advice. They can summarise the rules to you in depth.

Whether it's boasting a display screen or just standard, there are varied kinds of assorted slot games. But the important thing is not what type it is, it's the prize pot of course! A couple of cents will be an adequate amount to take part, so come and try it out!

There are a wealth of monuments and interesting locations in West Wollongong. Truly enjoy your stay and have a large amount of fun visiting them all!

West Wollongong is very fortunate to have lots of sights: bars, shops, shows, restaurants and entertainment, etc. Don't be concerned, you won't become bored!

Try out the local food, you won’t regret it!

Boasting a friendly and festive atmosphere, West Wollongong is ideal for a superb evening out. What’s more, you are certain to have a magnificent time in the town's clubs and bars deep into the night…