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The town of Rhodes is found in the New South Wales State (Australia). With 5000 inhabitants, it is deemed a small town.

There isn't a casino in Rhodes. But Casino & The Star Hotel Sydney is quite close.

On top of attending to the tables, the croupiers are always available to make clear the rules if you'd like them to. So if you don't recognise the procedures of Blackjack, Roulette or Poker, no need to be shy, the rules of these classic games will quickly become clear!

Video poker and traditional rollers will give you an opportunity to win big prizes. From the present generation to the more classic games, there's fun to be had for anyone no matter how much you're working with. In fact, minimum bets are often merely a few cents. That’s probably why slot machines have long remained the superstars of the casino!

Make the very most of your stay in Rhodes and see its architecture. You’ll discover, the history of this particular town is really exciting!

Something is beyond doubt, there is really not a way of getting fed up in Rhodes with the wonderful entertainment that is regularly prepared, leisurely experiences to try out as well as the bars and restaurants spaced out around the town.

So, to take in all of Rhodes, make sure that you don't miss Sports Car World, Rhodes Waterside, Brays Bay Reserve, Rhodes Park and Kokoda Memorial Track as they are essential things to enjoy!

As is the same in virtually all regions spanning the planet, you'll have the awesome chance to taste traditional regional eating and believe us, you'll truly love them!

If you enjoy socialising, you are sure to love the bars and nightlife havens in the heart of Rhodes! The local residents like to party and they love to welcome tourists and show them local traditions.