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Congotown, 00000, Monrovia

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Mamba Point Hotel, United Nations Dr, 0500, Monrovia


The stunning town of Buchanan is found in the Grand Bassa district (Liberia). Holding 35000 inhabitants, it is considered a medium town.

Unluckily, there are no casinos in Buchanan. There are, fortunately, nearby places such as Palm Spring Casino Monrovia and Oceano Casino Monrovia.

As well as taking excellent care of the tables, the croupiers are available to help you learn the procedures if you would like them to. So when you don't know the rules of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, you shouldn't be unsure, the ways and procedures of these classic games will soon be extremely clear!

You'll only want a couple of cents to check out the slots and gain the brilliant opportunity to obtain the prize pot. On top of the traditional rollers, you will also come across more modern machines like video poker and rollers.

Just like in most seaside towns, in Buchanan you're able to choose between chilling out, the beach, water sports and obviously, exhilarating visits to the casino! Going for a stroll is also fun as you'll encounter lots of restaurants and shops to truly make your visit remarkable.

There are an awful lot of monuments and intriguing locations in Buchanan. Get the most out of your visit and have fun discovering them!

Buchanan is a true haven for people on getaways! Without doubt, as well as its shops and restaurants, Buchanan has a great deal to keep you busy with all the activities, shows and entertainment at your disposal.

Try out the local gastronomic cuisine, you certainly won't regret it!

In Buchanan, you'll have a fantastic experience in the gorgeous town's many nightlife havens and clubs. To party is the norm here, and holiday-makers enjoy a warm welcoming from the local people. You'll without doubt delight in this warm and friendly experience.