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Indonesia is located in Southern Asia on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Its population is almost 250 millions and its capital is Jakarta.

There is no gaming establishment in the country. It doesn’t prevent million of tourists to discover each year its wonderful landscapes and festive atmosphere.

As for nature, the country offers marvels as the Sorong Islands, Ljen Creter at Banyuwangi, Skumpi Waterfalls at Sinjara or the superb gardens of Tabanan. But Indonesia is mostly known for the island of Bali that became, thanks to tourism, one of the wealthiest region of the country. Millions of tourists come to visit its beaches and wonderful panoramas. The activites are endless like surfing, scuba diving, canyonning or trekking. By the way, Kuta is widely visited by Australian surfers. As for, the Jimbaran Beach, it welcomes tourists around the restaurants of Seafood and open-air barbecues. When the sun goes down, the nightclub heat up the atmosphere for crazy nights that seem to never stop.

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