First name Name : Monyonia S.

City : Louisville

Country : United States

Review count : 1 reviews

Helpful reviews : 0

Date of registration : June 15, 2021

Sex : Female

Favorite games : Slot machines, Roulette, Electronic table games

06/15/2021 - Love love this casino and their slots are so fun

Absolutely love the slots here and they just added to the digital roulette there last year too and wowww it used to be so hard to get in on that game but they’ve added more machines making it so much easier now.
All in all really nice casino with great food and staff is alwys so nice and hubby plays the tables and the dealers are great here too!! My opinion it’s one of the better ones I’ve been too even during covid it wasn’t bad except I smoke and had to smoke in another areas but it’s back to norm and better than ever!! Have really great comps and free food plus the free games they give yah are great and alwys have great prizes and gifts for us players!! I was gifted beautiful necklace and then matching earring set last year I just adore... pricey items too!! I feel they care about the players and take good care of us here!!
Good luck to yahs where u go... but if u choose here I don’t think u will regret it!!:):)