First name Name : donna e.

City : Lake City

Country : United States

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Helpful reviews : 5

Date of registration : September 2, 2020

Sex : Female

Favorite games : Slot machines

09/02/2020 - POOR PAYOUT

So disappointed with recent changes to slot payout. Since Covid 19, my favorite machine has been altered to a 2 cent machine instead of the original 1 cent base fee. Payout remains the same as before which means that it costs twice as much to play. Other Hard Rock Casinos in Biloxi and Las Vegas remain at 1 cent. WHY???? I don't visit Tampa anymore for this reason.

09/02/2020 - Recent payout is poor at best

I play a certain slot machine that can be found in most casinos. After Covid 19 they changed the 1 cent minimum denomination bid to 2 cents. Payout remained the same. That "hard to notice" change meant that the payout was 50% lower than before. Tampa Hard Rock is the only casino that has done this. The Hard Rock in Vegas and Biloxi remain as before .... 1 cent. I don't go to Tampa anymore.