First name Name : Lori L.

City : Phoenix

Country : United States

Review count : 2 reviews

Helpful reviews : 1

Date of registration : May 15, 2020

Sex : Female

Favorite games : Slot machines, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker Variants, Texas Hold'em Cash Game, Texas Hold'em Tournaments, Baccarat / Punto Banco, Craps, Electronic table games

05/15/2020 - We can always win more

I like to enjoy myself and stay longer than 5 min. Before all my money is gone. We end up putting it back why not let us have fun doing it, loosen up and its a win win situation

05/15/2020 - Bring back 5x and 10x machines!

I would have rated 5❤ however all the good machines are being removed and that really makes me mad, they are getting too complicated now a days. Other than that i enjoy going to the casino and winning! Open up so we can come back!!