First name Name : Jason P.

City : Barron

Country : United States

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Date of registration : February 14, 2017

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02/14/2017 - Best casino ever

Love all casinos owned by the Ho Chunk Tribe. They have the highest & most frequent payouts I've had at any casino I've visited. They're simple the best. If I've ever lost money there it doesn't even bother me, because of the atmosphere and the amount of time played for such a small amount of money is well worth the trip. Honestly, I am sure they're casinos are the only ones who haven't rob me blind. Gambling is a game of chance, and I don't expect to get rich, its a form of entertainment which i pay for. I go expecting to lose, but for me, what makes it ok is, i can play for hours ( sometimes all day ) on very little money. I'm there to gamble, not give them thousands of dollars in a small amount of time.
That's what sets them apart from all other casinos.... St. Croix Tribe, specifically Turtle Lake, is by far the WORST casino ive ever visited. 9 times out of 10 you'll leave there angry because you wasted the gas. Danbury is better. I've ask them if they were sure they were affiliated with the

02/14/2017 - The highest & most frequent payouts ive had in any casino ive visited

Love this place. I sometimes travel for hours to visit they're casinos, all of them. I haven't visited the newest one .but so far ive been to 5 of 6 casinos they own