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Myawaddy Complex 999, 00000 Myawaddy

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Baydar Street, Ponghtoon Quarter Tachileik Town Ship, Union of Myanmar - Tachileik

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Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, 00000, Bokeo,


Thaton can be found in the Môn Region (Myanmar). It’s big town, containing a total 130000 people.

There's no casino in Thaton and that’s a pity! But don’t fret, there's a fantastic neighbouring gambling venue, Myawaddy Casino Complex.

In most casinos, you’ll often see the prevalent traditional games: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc. Don’t worry about finding the croupier if you want information. They can summarise the basic procedures to you in detail.

Whether it's boasting a display screen or simply ordinary, there are many types of different slot machine games. But the relevant thing is not its looks, it's the prize pot of course! A few cents will be plenty to play, so come and try it out!

What's excellent in a seaside location such as Thaton, is that you can have an exciting time at the casinos, have a go at water sports and sincerely chill out. That's without mentioning strolling through the roads filled with a range of stores and perhaps stopping off for a drink in the bars and restaurants.

Make the most of your stay in Thaton and see its architecture. You're bound to realise, the town's history is pretty fascinating!

Thaton is blessed to have quite a few points of interest: bars, shops, entertainment, restaurants and shows, etc. You truly won't be bored!

You may notice a wide variety of not-to-be-missed places in Thaton but probably the best known are definitely Lumbini Buddha Park, Monte Zwegabin, Pagode de Thaton, Rickshaws Birmans and Bouddha de Mahamuni.

The native gastronomic treats are very much worth savouring. Make the most of your stay and enjoy discovering and sampling them.

In Thaton, you will have an unbelievable time in the striking town centre's many nightlife havens and bars. To celebrate is normal here, and guests enjoy a wonderful greeting from the locals. You'll without a doubt delight in this warm and friendly experience.