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CASINOPARKEN 1, 852 29, Sundsvall

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Strandgatan 35 22100, Mariehamn

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Kungsgatan 65, 111 22, Stockholm


With 49000 inhabitants at the time of the last count, Sundsvall is considered a medium town. It can be discovered in the Medelpad Province (Sweden).

There is one renowned casino in Sundsvall: Cosmopol Casino Sundsvall. Along with the typical gaming tables and slot machine games, you can also enjoy other entertainment, like shows, special evenings, snack foods, happy hours, surprise games, dinners and competitions.

On top of taking care of the gaming tables, the croupiers are additionally available to explain the rules if you'd like them to do that. So even if you don't know the rules of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, don't be nervous, the rules of these classic games will soon become clear!

Whether it's ordinary or with a display screen, there are several kinds of separate slot machine games. But the important thing isn't what type it is, it's definitely the jackpot! A small quantity of cents will be a sufficient amount to play, so come and visit and have a try!

What's really perfect about a seaside resort like Sundsvall, is the fact that you can go and enjoy an exciting time at the local casinos, have a go with water sports and really chill out. That's without mentioning wandering down the roads which are lined with a range of shops and stopping for a snack in the restaurants and bars.

As you're most likely already aware, Sundsvall has a strong history and countless monuments and interesting sites to discover. Consider finding a guide prior to arriving, so that you can be informed about all the enjoyable things which make up the wonders of Sundsvall.

Sundsvall is lucky to have lots of attractions: bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment, etc. You surely won't be bored!

If you'd like to properly see Sundsvall, there are some things which you certainly must try, in particular Norra Berget, Kulturmagasinet, Himlabadet, Birsta City and Stenstan Visitor Center!

The local gastronomic dishes are genuinely worth sampling. Make the best of your stay and enjoy sampling and discovering them.

Offering a festive and friendly atmosphere, Sundsvall is optimal for a superb evening out. Also, you're sure to have a magnificent time at the town centre’s clubs and bars deep into the night…