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Lilongwe Casino Marina & The Golden Peacock Hotel

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Area 13, Plot 97, Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel Complex, New City Centre - Lilongwe


Based in Tanzania, (in the Ruvuma district), Songea is a small town containing some 1000 inhabitants.

In most casinos, you'll have no problem finding standard tables including Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and often many others. If you're apprehensive about getting started by yourself, you can approach a croupier for advice. They'll be pleased to show you the basic rules.

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Make the most of your visit in Songea and see its architectural mastery. You're certain to realise, the town's history is pretty intriguing!

With such a great amount of choice, (bars, shops, restaurants, leisure activities and shows, etc.), you're not likely to get bored during your visit in Songea!

Enjoy the regional culinary specialities. You're certain to find them difficult to forget.

If you want to meet new people, you are certain to love the bars and clubs in the heart of Songea! The locals like to celebrate and they love welcoming tourists and revealing to them the local traditions.