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Avenue Pasteur Bamako, 00000, Bamako


The striking haven of Sikasso can be discovered in the Sikasso district (Mali). Composed of 225000 inhabitants, it is viewed as a big town.

Sikasso doesn’t actually possess its own casino but there is no need to be worried, you can just visit Casino De L'Hotel De L'Amitié Bamako which is not far.

In a gambling establishment, you’ll frequently come across the popular traditional games: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask a croupier for pointers. They will clarify the rules to you at length.

When dreaming about casinos, we promptly see slot games. They have for an extended time been the star of casinos and it's relatively clear why. The minimum bet is just a few cents but the potential winnings can be gigantic.

The town of Sikasso has multiple historical and cultural sites. This is an optimal chance to check out the wealth of culture and history it holds.

Sikasso is truly a paradise for holidaymakers! Without any doubt, as well as its restaurants and bars, Sikasso has lots to keep you busy with all the shows and entertainment at your disposal.

Boasting a warm and friendly setting, Sikasso is the best for a big evening out. Furthermore, you are sure to have a magnificent time in the town's bars and clubs deep into the night…