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Altai Palace Casino

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Altai Krai, 00000, Gorno-Altaysk


Having 312000 inhabitants at the last count, Semey is a big town. It can be discovered in the Kazakhstan-East Region (Kazakhstan).

There is no casino in Semey which is unlucky! But no reason to stress, there are a number of magnificent gambling venues nearby, including Altai Palace Casino, Cashville Casino, Aladdin Casino & Hotel Kapchagay, Royal Plaza Hotel & Casino Kapchagay and Flamingo Casino Kapchagay.

Combined with caring for the gaming tables, the croupiers are also available to clarify the rules if you would like them to. So even if you find that you do not know the procedures of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, don't be stressed, the concepts and principles of these traditional games will quickly become extremely clear!

Whether it's boasting an LCD screen or just classic, there are varied sorts of separate slot games. But the important thing is not its aesthetics, it's of course the jackpot! A few cents will be an adequate amount to play, so come and visit and have a try!

As you're most likely aware, Semey has a rich past and a wealth of monuments and fascinating sites to discover. Look into selecting a guide prior to turning up, so that you can brush up on all the exciting things that go to make up the wonders of Semey.

Something is for sure, there is really no way that you could get bored in Semey with the fantastic activities that are often arranged, leisurely activities that you can try as well as the bars and shops spaced out around the town.

If you'd like to fully enjoy Semey, there are some things that you undoubtedly must see, chiefly Art Museum Nevzorovyh and National Museum of Abai.

Treat yourself to the local culinary wonders. You'll find them difficult to forget.

If you love to celebrate, do not miss the large quantity of clubs and bars to be discovered in the middle of Semey. You can have fun with the pleasant locals of Semey!